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Road Cactus Rock Blues Band - HomeWelcome to ROAD CACTUS!
ROCK BLUES group consisting of a bassist / singer Eric, a drummer / singer Manu, a guitarist / singer Thierry, a harmonica player, saxophonist, piper, accordionist, mandolinist, guitarist Jaco and a scout / Marco sound system.

ROAD CACTUS distills a custom rock-blues with hops, road 66 and Harley's ride ........

The set list is calibrated Rock Blues but not only!

Among artists covers are ZZ Top, AC / DC, Steppenwolf, Status Quo, Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy, Dropkick Murphys, The Pogues, ...
All in ROAD CACTUS sauce.

The recipe: Sharp, bluesy and rythmic guitars, powerful and melodic voices that can alternate ballads and furious rock'n'roll !

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